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Sued by a Collector?

If you live in Hill, McLennan, Bell, Bosque, Coryell, Limestone, or Falls county and are being sued on a defaulted debt such as a credit card or repossession John Fugate will discuss defending you.*

The fee for defending debt buyer lawsuits is a flat rate to avoid uncertainty of incurring unexpected legal bills. Fees usually range from $650.00 to $1,500.00 depending on the facts and amount of the debt being sued for. Call immediately!

If you fail to respond timely and correctly to the lawsuit, and any discovery sent to you, you may lose your case based on legal technicalities, even if you never owed the money, and even if the statute of limitations had expired.

Debt buyers purchase huge portfolios of charged off debts and often use aggressive tactics to collect. They also file lawsuits in which they can have a hard time winning when they are forced to produce admissible evidence pertaining to the account and their ownership of it. Often they cannot prove their case when forced to produce evidence.

One common ploy we have seen of debt buyers is to change the alleged date of last payment to make it appear that the statute of limitations has not expired. John has represented many people who have not made a payment on a specific debt in more than four years, but the debt buyer has sent affidavits attached to lawsuits claiming that the last payment was made within the last four years. The adding of these fake payment histories is highly illegal, but often done anyway, and will help the debt buyer win the lawsuit if no one contradicts this false history. This is commonly known as re-aging and is illegal. We have also seen many debt buyers use illegal threats in order to trick people into making a payment and then make the flawed argument that the statute of limitations has started over, and that the debt buyer now claims it has another four years period to collect or sue the consumer.

If you are sued on an old debt, or threatened with suit, contact Fugate Law Office immediately. If you delay in your legal defense you may lose and owe a debt that you did not really owe, or one that was barred for suit by limitations, or to which other defenses existed. If the debt buyer has used illegal tactics, you may be entitled to money damages, and your attorney fees. We can discuss your rights against those who made these threats.

If you have been sued I cannot begin to represent you or file an answer to your lawsuit until you have met with me and signed my contract that sets out the terms of representation. No action will be taken on lawsuits or documents dropped off, emailed, faxed, or delivered to my office without meeting with me personally.

If Fugate Law Office takes your collection harassment case ...

You will pay no attorneys fees, court costs, or expenses unless you recover. Fees on bankruptcy and debt defense are on a case by case basis.