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Dealing with Debt Collectors?

Dealing with Debt Collectors?

Preserve whatever evidence you have. Take notes of the conversation. Make sure you write down the name of the collection agency, law firm, or debt buyer that is calling you. Make sure you get whatever information you have on the name of the individual calling you. Write this down with the date and time of the call. Never throw away evidence. What may seem like trash to you, may be evidence to your attorney. Keep any notes given to you by family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors who took the call. Preserve any recordings left on your voice answering system, and if you recorded the phone call do not destroy it. Often debt collectors will claim that they never said they things you accuse them of, and the recording is the best evidence you can have.

Absolutely do not give out checking account information over the phone, and do not authorize a post dated check. Any collector who will take payment only by these methods are to be viewed with the utmost of suspicion. Many people have paid money only to find out they were scammed.

Do not give out other information such as your social security number. You may become the target of identity theft. Ask yourself, why would a legitimate collector need such information?

If you are not allowed calls at work and they are calling you there, tell them that you are NOT ALLOWED to receive calls at work. This places them on even more notice that you are not to be harassed at work, a place and time of inconvenience to you.

Do not get into a debate with the collector about what the law says about collections. It is pointless and the collector will likely quote the law to you even as he violates it. Call me immediately!

Contact me at once if you feel that you are being threatened, abused or harassed, or have been scammed. Just because you have already been "taken" does not mean I cannot help. I have recovered a lot of money for people who have paid because of trickery or threats from unscrupulous collectors. Submit your case now for an evaluation or call me - I will speak with you about your specific situation if you live in Texas.

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