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Considering Bankruptcy?

Considering Bankruptcy?

Perhaps as a way to help restore your credit? If so, you are among millions of other Americans facing the same - sometimes overwhelming - decisions. You need to know that there may also be Non-Bankruptcy options available for your situation.

Living with the burden of overwhelming debt can be incredibly stressful. You may be worrying how your debt will affect your family, your home, or your business. John Fugate understands the pain and frustration you are going through; he has spent years helping people just like you file for bankruptcy and take the first steps towards financial recovery.

Filing for bankruptcy is not always the best option, but it may be your best chance at overcoming your debt and working your way back towards a good credit score. John understands how important your case is to you, and he will handle your bankruptcy case with discretion and dedication.

Bankruptcy is not right for everyone and there is no formula on the internet to tell you for sure if it is right for you.

John has counseled thousands of people on how personal bankruptcy would affect them. Many have hired him to file bankruptcy and many have taken a different route based on his advice.

You deserve specific answers to your set of circumstances. Don’t leave your most important decision to generic, one size fits all internet posts. Bankruptcy laws are complex. John will personally meet with you to discuss your options for personal bankruptcy. You will not be passed off to a paralegal or secretary for legal consultation.

Stop worrying about the unknown and get the facts. Act today!

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You will pay no attorneys fees, court costs, or expenses unless you recover. Fees on bankruptcy and debt defense are on a case by case basis.